Welcome to the Seven Plant Spirits Sacred Journey

by Herbal Goddess Healing (Margo Burdek)


     A journey into your inner and divine self with the magick of plant spirits,

Gaia's truly amazing guides, and healers. 

Working with plant medicine is a beautiful way to create space for healing and restore flow within any of the seven main chakras. 

In the herbal world, there are plants that strongly vibrate with our seven energy centers

and often we can recognize it by the way they look and feel (The Doctrine of Signatures).

We can observe what element energies are dominating in a plant and how they apply to our own energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. 


      The creation of this particular modality of healing came to me after working with many plant spirits during my folk herbalism apprenticeship. 

I found it fascinating how the most common plants can communicate with us when we raise our vibration in a meditative state and open ourselves to their subtle whispers and teachings. 

The Seven Plant Spirits Sacred Journey is a session of intention and surrender into the space beyond the mind's understanding. It is a place of trust and letting go of what is perceived as "normal" in our current belief system and social set up. Just like in other shamanic experiences, we enter the space with an open heart where all is possible and plants can talk to us through feelings, whispers, or energetic shifts. This is nothing new as the practices of intuitive plant healing have been applied for centuries by our ancestors and are still in use by some native tribes around the world. 
















As we journey from the root chakra up to the crown energy center, we work with seven plants tunning deep into ourselves. 

Connecting to the heart space and moving away from the thinking mind, we can sense and feel the presence of a plant that wants to be heard and felt.

Based on every experience with each plant spirit, we can pretty easily acknowledge the strong presence of an ally. 

This is such a beautiful connection that marks the beginning of a healing relationship

between you and the plant spirit.

Once the session ends, you will be taking home your plant allies to continue the work by yourself.

We may follow up with a meeting after 30 days if such is required by you to see where you are on your herbal journey.


The Session


     The session takes place at my Herbal Goddess Healing Studio in Prescott.

It is approximately 2 hours long but at times it may go about 15 - 20  minutes longer if additional energy work is needed prior to the meditation.

Please prepare for the session by sharing with me the full name that you most resonate with and your birthdate at least two days before we meet.

Also, for at least 48 hours prior to the session, please do not consume any alcohol, red meat, or smoke marijuana. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a small bottle of water. 

Cost of the session: $95.00

To book this session please use the Pay Pal option or email me for other payment options.

Thank you.