Awaken the Fire Within

 Teachings of the Solar Plexus Chakra & Plant Healing


In the old days in Ireland, people celebrated the holiday of Imbolc on February second.

This was a day of noticing the very first signs of spring.

Even though there may still be snow on the ground, even if it’s cold outside, we are beginning to feel the very earliest hints of spring rising in our spirits.

After months of turning inward, of hibernation & of rest, life is beginning to stir again.    

Just like nature is beginning to awaken after its dormant period, we are also reawakening with new dreams & exciting new plans.

This is a wonderful time to tune into the inner flame of our solar plexus chakra.

Awakening the fire within means reflecting on who we are, are we ready to move forward and maintain the healthy flame? Are we holding on to the emotions, thinking patterns,

and behaviors that keep the inner flame timid and stressed?

During the three workshops of solar plexus ​teachings and plant healing

I invite you to connect with the fire within yourself and learn more about 

the mystery of the inner flame.

We'll learn about the plant allies of the third chakra and their properties.

We'll make herbal medicine to support our health with warming herbs.

Join this three-week journey to expand your knowledge and awareness of

the yellow plants, digestive system, and the fire magick within you.

Workshop I 

Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 6-8 PM

Solar Plexus Energies 

Folk Teachings & Herbs

Plant Spirit Meditations

Mullein Candle Making

Workshop II

Wednesday, Feb 10th, 6-8 PM

The Role of the Digestive System 

Warming Herbs 

Plant Spirit Meditations

Make Your Own Golden Milk

Workshop III

Wednesday, Feb 17th, 6-8 PM

Recharging the Inner Flame

Plant Spirit Meditation

Folk Medicine: Fire Cider 

(Properties & Making)

LOCATION: Healing Arts Therapies/Herbal Studio

625 Schemmer DR, Prescott

COST: $ 110.00

Pay: via Venmo (224)425 -1228