Energy Clearing

During this one-hour energy clearing session, we focus on evaluating all energy centers, recognizing mental and emotional patterns, blockages, or any "clutter" that keep the natural flow within your energetic body.  Connecting with and enhancing your overall energetic field allows creating a map of what areas need the most work.

The main aspects addressed in this remote clearing session are:

  • connecting with your energy

  • scanning the entire energetic field for blocks and etheric aspects

  • working to clear these aspects

  • enhancing the vibratory field

  • working to improve the flow of energy to your heart center/Divine Field


Cost $100 Please contact me for details.

All clearing sessions include one 60 min coaching session.
Instructions will be sent out 12-24 hours prior to the session.

This session is a part of the


 Combined with Grace Integrity and Coaching session, it may be a great beginning or a boost to allow healing integration in your emotional, mental, and energetic body.