Heart Chakra & Plant Wisdom

Spring Equinox & Earth Holiday of Ostara Celebration

With the last snowfall, cold nights, and short afternoons,

we say goodbye to winter.

We are ready to enter the portal of green vibrations. 

The green beauty of spring and her warmer days.

We are ready to put our hands in the fresh wet soil 

to bring back the life of our gardens and planters.

Yessss! Let us immerse ourselves in this change of seasons.

Let us feel the passing winter and her deep wisdom

as the new sprouted energy wants to emerge from 

deep within our heart center to bring forward  

manifestations and the fullness of the land around us.


With this beautiful intention, I invite you to join me 

to continue our chakra and plant wisdom journey into the 

sacred center of the heart.

May the fresh energy of Spring Equinox and 

the earth holiday of Ostara,

accompany us along with the teachings of the heart chakra, 

plant spirits and the old folk tales.


Schedule for the three-week workshop series:


Week 1 

Tuesday, March 23rd, 6 PM

Heart Chakra Energetics

Plants Allies & Folk Wisdom

Plant Spirit Meditations 


Week 2

Tuesday, March 30th, 6 PM

Heart Openers & Blessing Herbs

Heart Chakra Plant Allies

Medicine Making - Hawthorn Elixir

Plant Spirit Meditations


Week 3

Tuesday, April 6th, 6 PM

The Mystery of Rose 

Medicine Making - Love Potion

Expression of Wounds & Affirmations

Plant Spirit Meditation