Herbal Guidance & Coaching

with Margo Burdek

Trained Supplement Specialist 

Herbal Guidance


Within nine years of running an herbal apothecary, I came across a variety of experiences and teachings of natural remedies. Through direct contact with customers with all sorts of health issues, professional training, and my own health story, I developed supplement protocols and herbal mixtures. These elaborate formulas can be used with many conventional treatments after an earlier evaluation. If you are new to supplements and herbs, dealing with some physical or emotional issues, or just want to enrich your body with high-quality organic nutrients I am here to help.

I offer consultations that include diet ideas with appropriate natural formulas. Together, we can create a new menu, enhance existing one and with the help of Mother Nature's gifts stimulate all the functions of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Combining herbs, supplements and a healthy diet along with spiritual mindfulness can bring you to balance and more joy into your daily life.

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60-90 minutes $79.00



30-60 minutes  $49.00 each

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