Throat Chakra Plants &

 Folk Herbalism Workshops


Blessings Dear One,


Caressed by the warm spring wind I send a loving message to you 

Made of words of truth and care, 

Softly flowing from the well of my heart

That I am ready once again

To sit with you in a sacred space

And share the wisdom of the plants

That teach us secrets of their way

And open our inner eye

To see their powerful magick

Healing the throat chakra and 

Bringing your divine truth back. 


Yes! We have arrived at the portal of the throat energy center.

In this series of workshops. we will learn the properties of this purification chakra

and its most important plant allies. We will sit in meditation, make plant medicine and create tools for the throat chakra support and protection.

We will learn about the physical part of this chakra and

go over herbs for the respiratory system and thyroid issues.

Join me on this beautiful journey of exploring truthful communication,

self-expression, and creativity.

Let us sit in the sacred circle of open hearts to learn from plants, share their wisdom, and allow the words to speak what our souls whisper.


The throat chakra workshops are available two nights a week to give you some flexibility

( Tuesdays or Wednesdays). 

Please choose an option that works best for you.

Also, know that you can switch days if necessary but please let me know first.

Thank you.


The cost for all 3 workshops: $120.00 

The cost for 1 workshop: $40.00



Payment Options: Venmo  @Margo-Burdek    (224)4251228

                                  Pay Pal   (via friends and family, please)

OR CASH at the studio

Herbal Goddess Studio Address 

625 Schemmer DR in Prescott


Please try to make a payment by Monday, May 2nd (this helps to see how many people will attend so I can prepare better)

and include a day you will be attending. 

If you cannot pay by then, please contact me and we can arrange a later date.


Thank you for supporting my work and the studio! 

I am truly looking forward to us gathering together, it has been so beautiful to get to know each other, to build a tribe of women who learn from plants and share their stories.





Week 1  - Tuesday, May 4th   OR  Wednesday, May 5th  at 6 PM

                  Throat Chakra Properties & Energetics 

                  Herbal Tonics For Respiratory System 

                  Plant Allies for Allergies, Asthma, & Lungs 

                  Plant Spirit Meditations

                  Plant Medicine Making: Tincture of Purification 


Week 2 - Tuesday, May 11th   OR   Wednesday, May 12th at 6 PM

                  Fifth Chakra & Thyroid Connection

                  Plant Allies For Sore Throat, Fevers, & Nasal Congestion

                  Plant Spirit Meditations

                  Tools for Throat Chakra Protection (Flower Dyeing Project)


Week 3 - Tuesday, May 18th  OR   Wednesday, May 19th at 6 PM

                  Non-Verbal Communication; Silence & Active Listening

                  Fifth Chakra Sound Activation

                  Plant Spirit Meditations

                  Plant Medicine Making: Herbal Smokes 

Before each workshop, an email will be sent out with detailed information about what to bring or prepare.