Indulge yourself with this beautiful multisensory energy session during which you experience deep relaxation, chakra clearing, and healing with sounds, crystals, blessing herbs, touch, and plants. 

The session is divided into two parts.

First, I work with the body, moving, and clearing energy within your seven chakras. I use a variety of tools and techniques that help in the movement.

Then, the multisensory experience begins by working with sounds and vibrations, flowers or herbs, healing touch, and crystals. 


This session is for you if you have a hard time relaxing and feel stagnated or "stock" in your body.

If you live a fast pace life or there is just simply too much going on at the moment. 

Come journey with me into the depths of your own magickal self. 

The session is 60 minutes long and it takes place at my Herbal Goddess Healing Studio in Prescott.

Cost of the session: $70.00