The Teachings of  Winter & The Root Chakra 

Folk Herbalism Winter Workshops


Welcome to the winter workshops of folk herbalism and the teachings of the earth, plant spirits, and ancient wisdom of the folk. 

This series of three workshops is intended for anybody who is interested in learning about core immunity through the power of adaptogenic herbs

and medicinal mushrooms.

We will be meditating with some grounding and dreamy plant spirits, learning about their medicine, and through them, connecting to the portal of the North and

the element of Earth.

The approaching winter season is also a time of the Crone Archetype. 

Time of deep reflection and rest. Time to create space of inner void, seeing into the darkness of the long winter nights and dream with the Earth as she settles under the layers of fallen leaves and snow, deep into the roots. 

What a magickal time to allow yourself to slow down.

To rest and dream before the spring energies awake us to move and create.

I invite you to journey with me in a sacred circle to learn, share, make medicine, and connect to the roots of mother Earth.


Workshop 1  -  Wednesday, Dec 9th, 6-8 PM 

Introduction to the Winter Portal

Teachings of the Root Chakra

Medicinal Mushrooms

Plant Spirit Meditations

Workshop 2  -  Wednesday, Dec 16th, 6-8 PM

The medicine of the roots

Adaptogens the Immune Modulators

Crone Archetype & Her Plant Allies

Plant Spirit Meditation (Future Self)

Medicine Making 




Workshop 3  -  Monday, Dec 21st, 5.30 - 8.PM 



Plant Spirit Meditations   

Deep Rest with Nervines & Sedatives 

Weaving Intentions &  Dreams

 Into a Dream Wand (Project)



Herbal Goddess Healing Studio 

625 Schemmer Dr Prescott