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Herbal Goddess Healing Studio in Prescott, AZ




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3 pm - 6 pm

or other days by appointment only

As of March 2020,

Herbal Goddess Healing has its studio in collaboration with Healing Arts Therapies in Prescott, Arizona. This sweet space is a home to plant spirit meditations, classes, workshops, and herbal sessions.


Please email or call for appointments and inquiries.  




The Heart Mystery, Plant Allies & Folk Teachings


A journey into your inner divine self with the magick of plant spirits, Gaia's truly amazing guides and healers.


A multisensory energy session with sound & vibrational healing.

Herbal Goddess


Infused with nature's wisdom, created with love and care by Margo Summer Dance


All tea compositions are made of organic or wild-harvested herbs. Carefully selected into eight different herbal combinations, for every day or therapeutic purposes.  

Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education

Certified Folk Herbalist

TransCodes Grace Integrity® Master and Energy Clearing TransCoach.


Supplement Specialist

Herbal Alchemist & Nature Lover.

Margo facilitates remote energy healing sessions, plant spirit meditations,

classes & workshops.

She is the creator and owner of

Herbal Goddess Organic Teas & Herbal Goddess Healing Studio in Prescott, AZ.

Margo Burdek

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"I was really blessed to participate in two sessions with Margo “Remote Grace Energy Session” and “Energy Clearing Session”.

At first, I was hesitant to do it, but the vibe I got from Margo and her attention to detail, allowed me to feel at ease with the whole process. The experience was amazing!
Even though we were hundreds of miles away during the session, I felt her energy as she was there with me. In this fast pace world,

I often felt stuck, stressed and hopeless and I was always questioning myself. The energy session experience with Margo helped me to connect with my inner-self. It helped me find my inner-peace, how to better deal with stress and most importantly be more confident in myself and the choices I was making.

If you’re feeling lost and need help, I would definitely recommend Margo! Not only that she knows what she’s doing, she’s an amazing person and truly cares for others.

Thanks, Margo!"


Chicago, USA

"My beautiful Margo has changed my life completely. She helps me find my own way to mental and emotional freedom. We have done remote energy sessions, transcoaching, and remote energy clearings.
After each session, Margo was very supportive and helpful to understand what's happening with me.

I couldn't believe how much I have changed. I used to have days when I was anxious and nothing was right.

I felt like I was in an emotional prison. Margo has been helping me in dissolving blocks and unhealthy patterns.

Our work helps me discover myself and become much stronger and confident. 
When you talk to Margo you can hear and feel wisdom and calmness. Her voice is like a medicine...

I have no idea what I would do without her."



Melbourne, AU

The goddess within me is awaken by the marvelous herbal concoction designed by talented Margo MalGosia Burdek.

My brew arrived with the handwritten note including every detail possible, to make my tea experience as good as possible.

Far beyond just spectacular taste and fragrance brought by memories of clear, sunny meadows, the tea brings me closer to healthy myself.
I drink it with joy and my intention to bring strength to my aging body becomes my daily mantra.

Herbal Goddess Healing creates pure, unique and delicious teas.
Aga Sarrafian
Chicago, USA 

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