My Story

by Margo Burdek "Summer Dance"

When I was a young girl at the foothills of the Polish mountains I followed my grandmother through the summer meadows collecting herbs to later use to treat her ache body. We picked st. John' wort, yarrow, and cornflowers. There were many other herbs we would tie in a bouquet on Sundays. Years have passed and for a long time, I would not think about this. Not until my health needed attention and conventional medicine had not much to add.


At age 28 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that took over my pituitary gland threatening not only my vision but causing many other problems in my entire body. After a period of observation, I was rushed into surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery was a success and I returned to my previous life. Within three months the tumor grew back. I was faced with a decision whether to allow the doctors to treat me with conventional medicine using radiation and deal with all sorts of side effects or trust my intuition to heal myself. In order to do so many changes had to be done including a divorce after years of difficult and painful marriage. At first, powerful fear took over blocking me from making that first step forward to free myself of all that evidently did not serve me anymore. Gaining confidence and inner balance through meditation and energy adjustments allowed me to let go of the marriage creating space for my own healing. I found myself searching for natural remedies and very quickly I began working for a health food store mainly with supplements. This was the beginning of a new passion that spread for the next decade.


In 2008, a good friend asked me to help her to open an herb shop (Herbovit) in the suburbs of Chicago where I discovered my desire to help and coach people with their health struggles and diet. For almost a decade I ran the store learning and gaining both experience and wisdom. My life has changed dramatically with my well being finally normalizing through the healing power of herbs and my self-acceptance with an awareness of the inner connection that transcended physical issues and activated the sacred heart center. I understood that the power of healing myself lays in my hands. Combining the two inseparable elements of nature and energy, I began to imply this new knowledge in consultations with clients.


As a self-taught and later trained supplement specialist through many years of experience I gained more knowledge of the body respond to stress and blocked energy. Once the door had opened I was more and more drawn into healing modalities learning about energy and my own etheric body.

My consciousness expanded seeing and feeling all in a sacred oneness. Resonating with the teachings of many masters, wonderful mentors, plant medicine, and Transcodes energy coaching program I opened my eyes and heart to my own magic. 

Today I live in a beautiful place in Arizona surrounded by mountains, forests, water, and Sun.

In places like this healing happens on its own if we only allow it into our awakening heart. With that open heart, I dance with the wind flowing through a life filled with joy and love, allowing myself to be here and now thus watching the unfolding beauty of nature, embracing myself as a Summer Dance in this amazing yet challenging Third dimension.


During the last three years, I've completed an apprenticeship with The Ways of The Heart That Guide and Transcodes Energy Healing Program where I gained knowledge and experience in energy healing work. 

As of fall 2018, I am a certified Grace Integrity® Master and Energy Clearing TransCoach.

I offer remote healing sessions and energy coaching along with herbal coaching.

Within the last four years, I have finally put together many herbal recipes that I received through mediation or while working with herbs. These magickal formulations are now a part of Herbal Goddess Teas and can be purchased  

In June of 2020, I graduated from Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education in CA.

Through the teachings of the Wise Woman Tradition and the amazing plant spirits, I've learned the ways of the plants, their spirit medicine immersing into the mystical and ever-loving and giving mother earth and the divine spirit Gaia.

Today I serve my community and beyond by organizing gatherings, classes, and offering healing sessions.


May the spirit in all things bless us on our awakening journey. 

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